Marlton, NJ Chapter


Chapter Advisor, Girl Talk Marlton

I'm Vic, I'm a 21 year old artist from Jersey. I've been drawing my whole life and when I picked up a paint brush I knew that's what I was supposed to do. Other than my own artwork, I instruct classes at Painting with a Twist. It's a fun place where I can entertain and do what I love most, paint.
My mom runs GT Marlton and it's an honor to be involved in such an amazing group. The girls are so inspiring and they make our meetings so fun. I'm happy that they have a fun and safe place to be comfortable enough to keep coming back to!


Leader, Girl Talk Marlton

Hi! My name is Courtney and my interests include playing soccer, babysitting and taking care of children, helping people, playing guitar, writing, and traveling. I love children and babies it is my favorite activity to babysit.  I am 13 years old and am a freshman in Cherokee high school.  My reason for joining girl talk is because I believe middle school is the best and worst years of your life.  Lots of changes friend drama and much more.  Without the proper support system mixed with the school and peer pressure can be a lot for 11-14 year olds  to feel and could cause them to extreme stress.  I don't think it's fair for young adolescents to feel all this pressure and stress and have to deal with it all alone.  And since I'm out of middle school I'd be happy to pass on tips and help some people in need. Like I said I enjoy helping people and love to put a smile on people's faces  


Leader, Girl Talk Marlton

hi! my name is mia. i'm 16 years old. i attend cherokee high school and i'm a junior. in my free time i like to spend time with my friends and go to the beach. i'm  a girl talk leader because i know what it's like to be in middle school. i had a rough time in middle school and i'm glad that i can now help these girls with whatever they're going through. i am very happy to be a girl talk leader and super excited for this year!


Leader, Girl Talk Marlton

My name is Jocelyn; I am 17 years old and a junior at Cherry Hill West High School.  I enjoy working in our school store where I learn many different things about running a business.  I also did DECA for the first time my sophomore year and made it to the state finals.
I currently work in Marlton at Club Metro, in the Kids Club where I watch the member’s children so they can work out. I enjoy working out and my hobbies are makeup, fashion, design and photography.

I am really looking forward to continuing as a Leader for Girl Talk.  I have struggles in High School and would like to share those experiences with younger girls so they don’t have to feel the same or would know how to handle different situations.


Leader, Girl Talk Marlton

My name is Leah. I'm 17 years old and I play volleyball year round. I love to spend time down in Long Beach Island during the summer time. I am a Junior at Cherokee High School. I love helping others and being there for them when they need me. Girl Talk is an important part of my life and am thankful to be mentoring such amazing girls.


Leader, Girl Talk Marlton

My name is Marissa. I am 14 years old and a Freshman at Cherokee High School. I play year round Field Hockey and Softaball in the spring. I have been in GirlTalk for about 5 years and it has helped me through a lot of middle school drama. I am very excited to now help the middle school girls who are going through what I went through.

Girl Talk Marlton is thankful for its many volunteers and leaders who dedicate their time & talents to make our group so successful.  All amazing photos below courtesy of ADC Photography. 

Mary Beth 

Chapter Founder/President, Girl Talk Marlton

Proud to be the mother of two talented artists, stepmom to two future baseball stars, wife of a handsome electrician and fur mom to a pack of puppies. My passion is inspiring others to help one another through kindness and love. After meeting Girl Talk Inc founder, Haley Kilpatrick, 6 years ago, I was so impressed with her and her mentoring program and wanted to bring this to my community. I started the Marlton Chapter and was able to grow our group to over 100 members. We focus on the struggles and issues that young girls today face, such as bullying, social media, lack of confidence and so much more. We also spend much time devoted to community service and helping those in need. I am very appreciative of all the volunteers, parents and leaders that donate their time to make our group so successful. Being a preteen/teen is tough and we are here to help, we are here to listen, we are here to assist them figure it out and get through every day with the least amount of drama possible. Join the family of Girl Talk Marlton and find out what we are all about.


Chapter Volunteer, Girl Talk Marlton

I currently work for PHH Mortgage in Mt. Laurel. I enjoy spending time with my friends & family. I have a daughter Nicole who is 11 years old and my life currently revolves around her. When we found this Girl Talk Chapter is was a blessing for both of us. We get to spend time together while giving back to the community by helping others and Nicole is making friends and growing her confidence.


Leader, Girl Talk Marlton

My name is Caroline. I'm 16 years old, and I'm a junior at Cherokee High School. I love being on the Cherokee field hockey team, and participating in many other school clubs. I love to travel and hang out with my friends in my free time. I'm excited to be a part of Girl Talk this year, and to support and to encourage the girls. I'm very happy to be a Girl Talk leader and help the girls whenever they need it!


Chapter Volunteer, Girl Talk Marlton

Hi, my name is Jessica! I currently work at Global Furniture Group full-time and I am a mom of three beautiful girls Ashley, Natalie and Caitlyn. I am also a wife to an amazing firefighter and a fur mom to 4 amazing dogs and many other animals.  After my youngest daughter joined Girl Talk last year, I found it to be a rewarding experience to be around so amazing girls and especially the amazing moms who volunteer. It teaches my girls how to be confident and to meet others who may be struggling with confidence and teens who are there to mentor young girls going through middle school.  I am very happy to be a part of sharing this experience with my daughters. 


Leader, Girl Talk Marlton

My name is Gabbie, I'm 16 years old and I play volleyball for Cherokee as well as club volleyball. Im a junior in high school. I also spend a ton of time skiing in Pa in the winter time. Im so glad to be apart of girl talk and to be a mentor such great girls. I love being here for the girls when they need me and helping out in anyway that I can.

girl talk inc.


Leader, Girl Talk Marlton

My name is Albie and I am 16 years old. I am a junior at Lenape High School and I grew up in Mount Laurel. I do cheerleading for Lenape Football and Basketball. I was captain of my squad two years in a row. In my younger years I went through a rough time and I would do anything to ensure other girls don't ever have to go through the same! I love to help people and educate them on things that commonly occur in a teen girls life. Meeting new people is one of my favorite activities and I look forward to meeting new girls in Girl Talk Marlton!


Leader, Girl Talk Marlton

Hi! My name's Alexis. I'm a senior at Cherokee High School. I play for the Cherokee volleyball team and participate in multiple clubs in school. I am also a hostess at the Turning Point in Marlton. I spend most of my free time with my friends hanging out down the shore. I also love traveling. I became a Girl Talk Leader because Girl Talk not only helps young girls get through the tough middle school years, but it also gives people a chance to give back to the community. I love Girl Talk and can't wait for another fun year!!


Chapter President, Girl Talk Marlton

My name is Emma and I'm a senior at Cherokee High School. I love learning, especially science, and I'm the president of two clubs at school, Tickled Pink and Head to Med. I also work at the daycare at the Jewish Community Center with the babies! In the summer and during school breaks I love to travel. This will be my second year as a Girl Talk Marlton leader, and I have loved every second of it. I don't have older siblings, so I had no one to go to for advice during my middle school years. Girl Talk has not only given me the opportunity to help others, but has helped me develop into a more confident person.


Leader, Girl Talk Marlton

 My name is Holly Petrelli. I am 15 years old and I'm in the 9th grade at Cherokee High School. I have an identical twin named Sydney and a brother Nico who is a junior at Holy Cross Academy. My hobbies are dancing and music and I love belonging to Girl Talk! 


Leader, Girl Talk Marlton

Hi my name is Aashna and I am 17 years old. I love traveling and enjoy playing soccer all year round. I absolutely love spending time and helping kids! Girl talk is a big part of my life because mentoring younger children is something I love doing. I am grateful to be apart of such an amazing program.


Leader, Girl Talk Marlton

My name is Jazmine, I'm 16 years old and a junior at Cherokee High School. I'm originally from Queens, New York. My family moved here when i was about 5 years old. I currently work at McDonalds in Marlton on front counter. I have two younger siblings and my sister Jada is actually the reason I got into Girl Talk. I had no one to look up to or ask advice going into middle school and it was tough. I was very shy and was one of the very few people of color which made me feel like the odd one out. I joined Girl Talk to give my sister, and other girls, what i never had... someone to look up to and talk to during this difficult time.


Leader, Girl Talk Marlton

Hi! I'm Macey, I am 16, and I go to Cherokee High School.  I love to listen to music and go to concerts.  I also have great friends who have been by my side for 5 years. I have worked at Pump It Up Marlton for a few months now. My family is very special to me and is always there for me.  My middle school experience was very rocky with more lows than highs but the good moments really made up for it.  I have so many great memories with my friends that we will always cherish but my home life wasn't exactly ideal.  I wish I had some direction during those years because I think that would have really helped me. I look forward to being able to give others the same guidance I was missing in middle school.


Leader, Girl Talk Marlton

 Hi! My name is Ashley and I'm a sophomore at Cherokee High School. I love spending time with my friends and family. I also love to make people laugh and smile when they are down or if they just need a good laugh. Some of my interests are babysitting, helping children, cheering for my high school and also getting to be apart of the Evesham Fire-Rescue Explorer Program. My reason for joining girl talk is I would like to help mentor middle school girls and girls even younger with any problems they might be facing. I know when I was younger, I used to have many problems throughout my elementary and middle school days and a program like girl talk would have been beneficial for me because I would have had people older than me that went through the same senerios as me and would be able to give me advice on how I should fix or approach the problem that I was facing.


Leader, Girl Talk Marlton

Hi! My name is Sammy and I am 15 years old. I am a sophomore at Cherokee High School. I love spending time with my friends and family and going to the beach. I love being a part of girl talk because I think it is so important for young girls to have older girls that they can look up to in this tough time that middle school can be. I love helping people and making people laugh which is another one of the many reasons I love being a part of girl talk.


Chapter Advisor, Girl Talk Marlton

My name is AnnMarie. I am a Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay. I also am employed at Thurber Dental Spa as a Dental Assistant. I am a Hockey Mom to my eight year old son GianCarlo. Volunteering with Girl Talk of Marlton is rewarding, enriching and allows me the opportunity to give back.  In my spare time I enjoy walks on the beach, crafting, playing with my dogs and photography.


Leader, Girl Talk Marlton

My name is Olivia. I am going into my freshmen year at Cherokee. I enjoy playing soccer for Marlton Rec.  Over the summer I worked at Triple A Summer Camp and there I worked with kids from 1st-8th grade. I had a tough time in middle school and I want no girl to go through what I went through. I will help mentor the girls through their tough times. Sometimes the girls can't talk to there parents or they don't want to talk to teachers at there school. So I want them to know that they can always talk to me.